DJI Phantom 4 Drone Review

DJI Phantom 3 Drone


They’ve done it again! The famous line of DJI drones known as the “Phantom” has received endless praise from recreational and commercial pilots alike. It’s safe to say that the Phantom is an outstanding aircraft, with pages of outrageous specs that we’d love to thoroughly breakdown in detail. But instead of doing that, lets keep this short and sweet and review some of the most important and impressive features, which have been upgraded from the Phantom 3.

Tap To Fly
The new Tap To Fly function is an extremely innovative and exciting new feature. Using the DJI GO app, users can now navigate the Phantom 4 by simply tapping the screen in whichever direction they’d like to go. This literally means anyone with a finger can fly the new DJI Phantom 4 with absolute ease! This is great because it brings more people into the wonderful world of drones, but it is also very scary, as it will likely breed a generation of drone pilots who lack the most basic of flight skills. But nonetheless, it’s a fantastic feature from a technological standpoint, and one that a lot of enthusiasts are very excited about.

Sense & Avoid
The most impressive and buzz worthy Phantom 4 feature, is the new Sense & Avoid function. This system uses tiny visual sensors on the front and bottom of the drone; to recognize obstacles in it’s path and automatically take corrective action. This greatly improves the overall safety when piloted by an inexperienced newcomer, as they sometimes lack the experience needed to make quick decisions and avoid obstacles.  This feature is fully functional even at the phantoms top speed of nearly 57km per hour. However, if you’re an experienced pilot, and wish to shut this feature off, that’s totally up to you. Whenever you need a little extra excitement, simply switch the drone into high performance mode, which will increase agility, as well as the top speed to a blistering 72km per hour!

Massive New Battery
The new Phantom 4 now features a massive 5350mAh lithium polymer intelligent flight battery. This new battery provides nearly 8 minutes of extra flight time when compared to the original Phantom 3. With this new battery upgrade, the Phantom 4 can remain airborne for nearly 30 min! This is great news for not only recreational pilots, but also commercial pilots who are well known for utilizing the Phantom in complex mapping missions.

In addition to all of the above, the Phantom 4 also features a variety of other changes including a sleeker design, a glossy white shell, and streamlined airframe. A new 4k camera comes standard for beautiful photography or video, and DJI also claims the phantom 4 is many times for stable than the original Phantom 3. This is great news for amateur cinematographers and photographers alike, who will undoubtedly be using this system to produce some beautiful content.

So there you have it, a quick review of the DJI Phantom 4 and its outstanding new features. If you have the budget, we definitely recommend you order one of these outstanding drones, you will not regret it! Happy flying!

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