Drones in the News


Sky’s the limit: Making drones more accessible to agricultural industry

A Queensland researcher is looking to highlight what drone technology means for graziers and how they manage their livestock in northern Australia. Toowomba drone expert Josh Keegan is currently working with CASA to create a new global competition to showcase how drone research can be applied to various industries. Mr Keegan said he hoped the World Drone Challenge would demonstrate how farmers could use drone technology safely to do everything from inspecting water infrastructure, tracking…


DJI Is Misleading Customers About Delays For Its Newest Drone

Despite DJI’s promises that shipments for its new Mavic Pro drone were underway, very few drones have made their way to customers. Last week, we wrote about the shipping delays plaguing the drone. Hours after we published our story, DJI released a statement announcing that shipping had begun. But according to customer reports and leaked company communication, only a small fraction of the highly-anticipated $1699 UAVs on backorder have shipped. We’ve heard from a number…


Sweden places ban on drone filming without surveillance permit

If you were thinking of using a drone to document your travel to cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg, you will be disappointed to learn Sweden has now stopped your thumbs in their figurative tracks. The country’s Supreme Administrative Court has effectively banned personal drone filming, unless deemed to be for the purpose of “surveillance”. This means unless drone flyers are wishing to document crime or prevent accidents they will most likely be knocked back for…


Hero Uncle Terrorizes Public With Drone-Mounted Angel Of Death

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him.” – Revelation 6:8 Photos: Twitter/Zac Crueger October means a bunch of things: The leaves are dying, just like you. Halloween is only a couple of weeks away. But most importantly, the team at Gizmodo Nights presents you Gizmodo Frights, a deep dive into the weirdest, scariest content the internet has to offer you….


Drone Festival ready to take off over Hobart this weekend

Maciej Matuszak, left, Darren Turner, Arko Lucieer, Juliane Bendig and Bob Hardy get ready for the Drone Festival is on this weekend. Picture: RICHARD JUPE THE State’s booming drone industry will be on display at Australia’s first ever dedicated Drone Festival tomorrow at Lauderdale Primary School. Among them will be software engineer Maciej Matuszak’s circular drone that is leading the field in mine safety. The small drone’s sensors can detect structural weakness and assess the…


Watch A Drone-Hunting Quadcopter Attack Its Prey

Now that everyone with a few hundred bucks to burn can become an amateur drone pilot, we’re seeing quadcopters buzzing all over the place, including places they’re not supposed to fly. That’s where the drone-hunting Airspace comes in. Like a bird of prey, it hunts down other flying drones and knocks them out of the air. Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. [embedded content] Using machine learning software that’s constantly improving the Airspace’s autonomous…


Drones set to come under scrutiny in Senate inquiry – ABC News …

The Senate looks set to hold an inquiry into the use of drones, which will examine air safety and the role remotely piloted aircraft can play in industries such as agriculture. This week, the Federal Government also announced a safety review into new Civil Aviation Safety Authority rules that allow people to fly light drones without a licence or training. Liberal National Party senator Barry O’Sullivan said the Coalition, Labor and some crossbenchers were interested…


The Australian Government Is Reviewing Drone Laws

Image: iStock Today the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester will announce a Federal Government led safety review into drone usage rules, which the minister describes as “general”, aiming to “enable growth and innovation in drone usage” and will be overseen by CASA. The review comes following a decision by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to ease licence regulations on unmanned drones as of 29 September, which removed the requirement for commercial operators of…


Shark-spotting drone to be trialled at WA beaches

A shark-spotting surveillance drone will be used to boost beach patrols in Western Australia’s South West in a three-month trial set to start next month. Fisheries Minister Joe Francis said the $88,000 trial, part of the Government’s shark mitigation stategy, would allow Surf Livesaving WA to purchase and operate several drones along the Perth metropolitan coast and South West. The drone will be equipped with high definition cameras which will stream live vision back to…


Probe after drone crashes in Risdon raising concerns

An investigation is underway as to how and why a drone crashed into Risdon Prison on Wednesday night. TASMANIAN corrections authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding a drone that crash-landed in the state’s largest prison on Wednesday night. Prison sources have told the Mercury drones, otherwise known as unmanned aerial vehicles, are being used to smuggle contraband into the prison. There are concerns drones are being used to smuggle contraband into Risdon Prison. Picture: AFPSource:AFP…